Tuesday, 07 March 2017 10:45

Made in Ukraine-2020: The New Program for Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

The lack of investments is one of the biggest obstacles for Ukrainian business development. To address this issue a team of major entrepreneurs is coming to Dubai’s AIM-2017. The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) is the world's leading platform for attracting direct investment. The team’s objective is to open direct a flow of investments in the country and they mean not only their own businesses. The businessmen are ready to financially help medium enterprises in visiting AIM. The ultimate goal is to sell products under the “Made in Ukraine” brand worldwide by 2020.

During the press-briefing in “Interfax-Ukraine” Oleksii CHUIEV, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Business Association (UBA), announced: “As the final of our 4-year program is EXPO-2020 we have decided to symbolically support 20 Ukrainian companies, which apply to us before March 20, 2017. This implies medium enterprises, who seek their products featured at EXPO-2020 under the “Made in Ukraine” brand. They probably lack resources, partners, inspiration — all our team will help them present themselves to international investors by funding 50% of expenses”.

The grant program is a sign of a new trend of mutual support for the Ukrainian business. The companies taking the offer will receive official delegate of Ukraine status and participate in 4 investment platforms at once (Annual Investment Meeting, Future Cities Show, Dubai Government Excellence Program, International Property Show). They will meet investors in Ukraine Business Hub. Besides they will take part in the international investors evening at Armani Hotel and Ukrainian dinner with the investors at Fairmont Dubai.

Alexander NIKOLAENKO, CEO of “OKKO Agrotrade”, said: “The Emirates are a business hub of international scale in the Middle East. Our objective is to become UAE’s partner in Ukraine: a reputable, fair, transparent (partner), who will provide financing for the future crops of our agriculture producers”.

Vitaliy ILCHENKO, CEO of the “UKRAVIT” company, added: “I encourage Ukrainian agrarians not to be passive. One should become an active player of the global economy by creating products with a high added value. Many investors are ready to bring their money in Ukraine. Grab an opportunity to find partners for your projects”.

The program is an integral part of the “Ukrainian Business Reputation Export” projects, led by the UBA, and “100 Ukrainian Most Promising Companies with Export Potential”, initiated by the “Business” magazine.

Volodymyr CHEPOVY, the general director of “Blitz-Inform”, said: «We make a bet on Ukrainian business representatives as a team. By joining our efforts we were able to defend the country in its hardest times. We have been doing business in our country for many years. Despite the decline in capitalization we are sure to secure the inflow of investments by joining efforts and making the right steps in business environment”.

Alexander GROMYKO, the founder of Saturn holding, said: «De-shadowing of our economy means capitalization of the country in the first place. By uniting, we create the conditions that help businesses come out of the shadow faster. It is important to understand that the “shadow” is some kind of protection that helps free business from the complexities of the legal system”.

Besides the above mentioned entrepreneurs, Vitaliy ANTONOV (Concern “Galnaftogaz”), Yuriy KOSIUK (“Mironovsky Hliboproduct”), Vasily KHMELNYTSKY (K.Fund) and Evgeni UTKIN (KM Core, hi-tech cluster BORSCH) also joined the Ukrainian business-team.

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