Thursday, 01 December 2016 09:45

Ukrainian financial institutions have introduced new financial instruments for agricultural producers

Ukrainian financial institutions have introduced new financial instruments for agricultural producers.

Every third dollar of Ukraine’s export revenue is brought in by agricultural producers. Besides, the agricultural area of Ukraine is bigger than in Germany, Italy and Great Britain, all together. All these factors testify to the high potential of Ukrainian agriculture sector.

What financial instruments and innovative solutions can help to fulfil the potential of agriculture sector? This was the core question of “Let’s develop agricultural business of the new country together!” conference in Cherkasy, which united agrarians, bankers and innovators.

Ukreksimbank representatives introduced new financial solutions for small and medium agribusiness owners, particularly, energy efficiency programs, replenishment of working capital, agricultural equipment purchasing and replacement facilities.

With the help of International Financial Institutions such encouraging prospects as interest rates decrease, advance payment starting from 15%, long financing terms up to 5 years and loan deferment up to 18 months were opened up for agribusiness owners.

In addition, a quite unique example of effective business conducting strategy was the introduction of the integrated approach to supplying agribusiness with micronutrients, plant protection products and seeds provided by the group of companies Agro-Arena, UKRAVIT, MAIS in cooperation with PZU-Ukraina and AXA Strakhovanie insurance companies.

This approach assumes that a farmer receives seeding wintering insurance and the spring-summer forthcoming harvest insurance free of charge.

Kirill Shapoval, deputy director of Soyuz Kompozit, has shared his experience in the field of sowing machines’ integrated repairing and modernization.

The unique technical solutions using composite materials provide ten times longer work of agricultural equipment. Therefore, high productivity and resource saving are provided.

Panel discussion participants have been continually noting the high importance of using innovative solutions and primary products processing. Together with the great volume of agricultural production it would surely put the economy of every region and the entire country on a new level.